It’s been a couple of weeks since I made my last post here. But since tomorrow is September First, I figured this would be a good time, to set some rules. Summer, festivals, holidays, and exams have been keeping me from writing, but soon regular old life will start up again, and this blog will most definitely be a part of that. Consistency hasn’t always been my strongest suit, so by posting this here, I will literally be forced to follow through with this, or else I lose face in front of the entire internet the three people that read this blog.

I solemnly swear to publish a new post every Wednesday. First weeks are for Film Awards, second and fourth weeks are for REVIEWS. And during third weeks, I go freestyle.

Check back this Wednesday to see if I’ve shamefully deleted this post, or have managed to cram three months of watching a lot of movies into one blog post.

I hope I’ll be able to add another posting day soon!